It took months of research to make sure we have the right gear for all scenarios, once we leave the good ol USA most of these items become hard to find or downright expensive.

-Garmin Nuvi 40 GPS with pretty much every country in the Western Hemisphere loaded on it ( thank you Open Street Maps for the free uploads!). However, GPS is not at all the same as it is back home. Entire roads, towns and cities often do not show up at all.

-Paper maps of all countries we'll be going to....because real men dont rely on GPS.

-iPad for emailing, blogging, research, Facebook ugh, etc.

-Nikon Coolpix camera. This waterproof (down to 60 feet), frostproof, shock proof camera has seen all kinds of action around the world and keeps on kicking a$$.

-Yakima hinged swing out bike rack that carries our el cheapo mountain bikes.

-5 gallon metal Jerry Can

-First Aid Kit

-Collapsable 5 gallon water jug

-Old tent and a couple sleeping bags, good for overnight hiking or my (Chris) personal dog house if I get in trouble.

-Coleman two burner stove that runs on unleaded gas or propane.

-Clothing and footwear for all seasons and activities.

-Quick dry towels. I thought Mallary was conning me into buying some junk but these are amazing so far.

-Portable/collapsable 5 gallon shower so we can get fresh and clean almost anywhere. Water not included.

-Folding camp table with custom built plywood top.

-Tools, car parts, Toyota shop manual (not one of those crappy Haynes manuals)....too many tools to name and hoping they dont see too much action. We even have a Spanish manual if we are in a pinch.

-Polar Bear soft cooler for meats, cheeses, and cervesa.

-Mandatory equipment in some countries: 3 hazard triangles, fire extinguisher, and recovery strap. It's common to be pulled over and asked to show these, if not one usually has to pay a bribe. Having these prevents corrupt officials from taking bribes.

-Travel guides to all the countries along the way...Lonely Planet, Moon, and Rough Guides mostly.

-All the cooking utensils, seasonings, and accesories of the average college aged persons kitchen.

-LODGE cast iron dutch oven and frying pan

-Heat blanket for cold nights in the mountains, and Endless Breeze fan for balmy nights in the tropics.

-Deet, so bad for the body but so good in mans eternal battle against mosquitos.

-ENO double nest hammock and atlas hammock straps for lazy days, perhaps wondering what it must be like to be employeed.

-Rechargable Coleman LED lantern and a few solar powers little lights

-NOT a gun, but we do have a machete, pocket knives, and pepper spray (this is the most frequently asked question by guys)

A lot of people have asked how the money situation works. Its not really "gear" but I'll just go ahead and put it in this section. ATM's are worldwide, with that said we each opened a checking account with Charles Schwab, they do not charge ANY fees for using their card at ANY bank/atm in the world. Also, credit is accepted at most gas stations, chain joints, hotels or touristy type of activities.

There is plenty more little things to list but this covers the main items. If any of the above named companies stumble upon this, feel free to email us with info on how we can receive royalties or sponsership. We will gladly go into much more detail about how awesome your product is.




  1. Best wishes for a wonderful adventure. We will be following your path and look forward to photos and reading about the places you go and people you meet. You asked for suggestions so here they are - we loved the ruins in the Yucatan (Chichen Itza and Uxmal), Belize (canoing the Macal river and seeing the Panti medicine trail) and old walled Cartagena Colombia. Bon Voyage Lin

    1. Thanks or the wonderful suggestions, Lin! :)

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